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**choking hazard - not to be used for teething purposes **

For those times when you want to be hands-free, this silicone wristlet is the perfect cute & comfy accessory.


Wristlet features high-quality silicone beads on durable cord.

This design features:

two solid-color rainbow arches and various colors of round beads


There is an o-ring holding a lobster claw and mini swivel hook, allowing you to attach your keys and many different items.

The lobster claw attachment is rainbow iridescent, so colors will vary per piece and look different at different angles.


Wristlet measures 3.5” in diameter, and is able to fit over many sizes of hands.


Use running water and gentle soap on beads if cleaning is needed.

Rainbow Arch silicone wristlet keychain

Color: Sage/Teal
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