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UFOvember...or proCRAFTinator Awareness Month?


Honestly, I had never heard about it until Bobbie of Geeky Bobbin asked if I'd like to be a featured blog contributor.

As soon as I found out that UFOvember is a chance to review, resume, rework, or rehome some of your (probably long-forgotten) unfinished objects I was totally on board! Perfect motivation for a self-titled proCRAFTinator like myself!

I recently moved into my own place, which means I no longer have to sew on a small table while sitting on the corner of my bed anymore! I turned my "dining room" into my new craft corner.

Of course every crafter has an idea of their dream craft room, and this isn't necessarily mine, but it is definitely an upgrade from my previous sewing conditions and I'm loving it.

So, even though I now have more space, I still want to make sure I'm keeping my UFOs under least sewing UFOs! Knitting/crochet/cross stitch/other craft projects, now that's a different story!

I did a quick inventory of my UFOs while trying to decide what project I was going to resume, and ultimately complete...and to my surprise I only have 5!

I have pictures below of 4. The only one missing a full shot is my Homecoming Quilt.

Mod Diamonds Quilt

Color of Connection 2021 QAL Quilt

Stronger Together 2021 QAL Quilt

Quilt Buzz Bingo 2021 QAL Quilt

For the project I've decided to resume I chose the Quilt Buzz Bingo Quilt.

You know, I'd love to be able to say I chose this quilt because of the colors and being super excited about it...but we all know I love color and each top is just as colorful as the next!

Honestly, I chose this one because I have this fun quilting design in my head and I just want to see how it's going to execute. ha!

Well, I can't wait to come back and show y'all my finished quilt!

Let me know if you're inspired to check on your UFOs, and decide to join in on UFOvember!

So, until next time!

Don't forget to live life colorfully and creatively!

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1 Comment

Nov 13, 2021

You work in bright, fun colors. I really like your version of the Color of Connection quilt.

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