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Part Of The Team

Am I about to start talking about a sports team I joined? Absolutely not! Ha!

This team is a small, creative team. A team of 5 other brilliant creatives.

I am part of the first-ever EverSewn Maker Team!

A little backstory...

I first discovered the EverSewn brand back in early 2020, the pandemic was really getting going, and I decided I wanted to start sewing cotton masks.

Since I was limited on space, and honestly didn't think I would be doing any sewing in my current living situation, I didn't bring any of my machines with me when I moved to Florida (sad, I know!). So when I was looking for a machine I knew I didn't want anything crazy expensive. After hours and hours of research, I found a cute little EverSewn Sparrow 15 in stock at Missouri Star Quilt Co. Very reasonably priced too!

Like the EverSewn motto, it was "Love at first stitch."

This little machine performed as well as the Brother machines I was used to.

Fast-forward many masks later, I decided to start quilting towards the end of 2020...and that brings us to where I am today on this quilting journey!

I no longer use the little machine above, but that is because I was given an amazing opportunity to receive and use their amazing Celine model!

This was a huge blessing, as I feel now I can do so much more with my quilting on this new machine!

So now back to this team!

I saw their post on Instagram and decided to apply, because why not!

I was excited, yet nervous, to see that acceptance email.

I think most of the hesitation was me feeling like I'm not good enough creatively to have my projects shown to so many more people. I don't have a huge following, and I've never made video content on Instagram.

So far we've completed two projects, and I have to say I am having so much fun!

Each month we have a theme that we make a project for.

Beyond the theme, all other details are up to us - what type of project we want to make, the materials we want to use, etc.

I love how being on this team is pushing me creatively.

To not only have projects that fulfill the theme literally, but how I can put a twist on it.

I'm part of the Maker Team for 12 months, so I'll keep you posted on each month's project once completed!

Keep an eye out for my next post, as I'll give you all the details on my July project, now that it's been shared on Instagram.

So, until next time!

Don't forget to live life colorfully and creatively!

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