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Improv Scrappy Quilted Coasters

Ya know, I definitely didn't mean for it to be almost a year before you hear from me on here...but life happens!

If you aren’t following my Insta you’ve been missing out! I certainly haven't been absent from creating!

I'm coming back to you lovely readers today to share a tutorial in response to an amazing opportunity I was part of in September.

For those that don't know, September is National Sewing Month. This was also the month I got to share exciting news about my partnership with JOANN, as part of their National Sewing Month campaign!

I was featured in their weekly ad, that was accessible digitally and mailed nationally, and had the opportunity to share a piece of sewing advise I've learned along my journey along with a project I created especially for the campaign.

I always say creating is the essence of who I am, and it makes my heart happy if I can inspire others to tap into their creative side with everything I make.

For the project I made for JOANN I knew I wanted it to be quick and easy for anyone else who might want to try it. My first thought was coasters! I've become obsessed with making quilted coasters for my home because they're such an easy way to add a little flair, and you can easily have a set of 4 in just a few hours!

I've made various versions of coasters now, but decided to try a couple new techniques for this special set...improv quilting and self binding.

I've never really wanted to try improv and scrappy quilting because my mind likes the structure of using a quilt pattern (ha!) but these small coasters were the perfect platform to get scrappy! No need to follow a pattern, just listen to your heart and create what makes you happy. I had so much fun making these, and I foresee more scrappy coasters in my future ;)


So, if you've made it this far, time for the fun part...a video tutorial on how to make your own custom set of scrappy quilted coasters!

These only take a few materials:

- nicely sized pieces of fabric for your backing

- terry cloth for the middle layer

- scraps of various colors/prints to make your top pieces. you can use a many or as few colors/prints as you like

- thread

For tools you'll need:

- something to cut with...I use scissors to trim excess and a rotary cutter to cut out squares for my top

- cutting mat

- quilting rulers...I use a 4.5" square to cut out my top pieces. you can make your coasters any size you'd like, but I find 4.5" is a nice size!

- an iron...I love using my mini iron for small projects like this

Check out the video, and let me know if you make your own set or have any questions!

Until next time!

Don't forget to live life colorfully and creatively!

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